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  • IASPM-US is an interdisciplinary and inter-professional organization that represents the United States branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music. 
  • Through its annual meetings, its quarterly publication The Journal of Popular Music Studies, and its website, IASPM-US promotes a range of scholarly and other approaches to the study of popular music.
  • The US branch of IASPM holds true to the goals of our parent organization in the belief that popular music has much to teach us about this world. We place an emphasis on the writings and other activities of US-based scholars, journalists, and musicians–focusing not only on American music but also on music from across the globe, and “Music 2.0” made and consumed in virtual soundscapes.

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2023 Conference

The twenty-second International Association for the Study of Popular Music conference, which will also serve as the annual meeting of IASPM-US, will address the theme of popular music’s role within various sites of crisis, from the most global to the most individual levels, historically and in the present-day.

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    For a professional organization, we are unique for our inter-disciplinary scope–spanning fields such as musicology, sociology, cultural anthropology, literary studies, cultural studies, American studies, and so on. The democratic, inclusive outlook of IASPM-US extends not only across different academic disciplines but also to the inter-professional level. In other words, we seek the contributions and expertise of popular music critics, journalists, industry workers, and cultural administrators in addition to university academics. Click below for information on becoming an IASPM-US member.
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    IASPM International Biannual Conference

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        IASPM-US / Pop Conference
        Popular Music Books in Process Series

            and Fall Schedule


            • President:
              Norma Coates (2021 - 2023),
            • Vice-President:
              Andrew Mall (2021 - 2023),
            • Secretary:
              Stephanie Vander Wel (2022 - 2024),
            • Treasurer:
              Zack Stiegler (2022 - 2024),
            • Past President:
              Theo Cateforis (2021 - 2023)

            2022 - 23 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

            • Journal Editors:
              Elliot H. Powell and K.E. Goldschmitt
            • Executive Web Editor:
              Matt Yuknas
            • Social Media Director:
              Susan Jacob
            • Open Seats:
              Elizabeth Wollman, Richard Davila, Paula Harper, Maureen Cho, Justin Patch, Emily Gale, Amy Coddington
            • Student Seat:
              Rachel Wilson-Cota
            • Honorary Board Member:
              Reebee Garofalo

            Inclusion Statement

            IASPM-US recognizes that the past and present of popular music are inseparable from the systems of racial, ethnic, class, gender, and dis/ability inequity in which they are embedded. The society is committed to the exposure and dismantling of such injustice through the facilitation of extended academic and public conversation and the removal of barriers to participation.

            IASPM-US is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and accessible space for all its members and all who participate in activities or engage in dialogue under its name. The society continues to foster interdisciplinary conversation regarding how and why popular music matters, and continues to work toward becoming a more inclusive organization. We strive to provide a meeting point for academic and non-academic students of music. We welcome academic music scholars across all fields, affiliated and independent, tenured and non-tenure-track, as well as music journalists and other writers, industry workers, administrators, and musicians. We invite presenters and audiences to a space that supports the study of popular music as a site of decolonization, of resistance to racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, heteronormative and cisnormative power structures, ableism, and violence.

            The society aims to meet its members’ needs at its annual conference through:

            • membership and registration fees on a sliding scale
            • fee waivers and/or travel support for presenters in financial need
            • making on-site child care options available
            • reserving a quiet, calm space at the conference venue, away from noise and crowds
            • ensuring that venues are accessible to those with mobility aids
            • providing transportation to conference events away from the primary conference venue
            • the provision of ASL interpreters when needed
            • the circulation of accessibility guidelines to presenters, moderators, and attendees

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