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CFP for JSAM Special Issue: “Music, Memory, and Nostalgia”

29 Jun 2024 11:12 | Dan DiPiero (Administrator)

CFP for JSAM Special Issue: “Music, Memory, and Nostalgia”

The Journal for the Society of American Music (JSAM) is calling for article submissions on a special issue on the theme of “Music, Memory, and Nostalgia.” Nostalgia studies has encouraged us to explore memory, history, and recollection in a myriad of ways. Led by the work of Svetlana Boym, David Berry, Simon Reynolds, Grafton Tanner, and Fred Davis, among others, nostalgia has been broken into several currents (restorative and reconstructive, displaced and inherited, individual and collective, simple and reflexive) in order to understand the complexities and the politics surrounding yearning, longing, memory, and loss.

This special issue brings together research that examines the presence of nostalgia(s) on memory and music making and its impact on contemporary cultures, audiences, and identity construction within the Americas. In an era of remakes, re-enactments, repetition, re-imagining, and reboots, this issue endeavors to showcase how nostalgia has become a significant cultural marker and methodology in showcasing attitudes and creative approaches to the past.

Themes for exploration might include:

  • Music in the diasporas

  • Gastromusicology

  • Music and media

  • Archives and collections

  • Music and embodiment

  • Music, migration, and border crossing

  • Protest and movements of resistance

  • Identities (race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, disability)

  • Nationalism and cosmopolitanism

  • Music and sports

  • Music and monuments

  • Environmental change and solastagia

    Please submit a 250-word proposal abstract by August 5, 2024 to Proposal abstracts will be reviewed for potential inclusion in the journal. All authors will receive a decision by September 3, 2024. Authors that will be included in the volume should expect to have their full submissions prepared by January 31, 2025. Articles will then be evaluated by the Journal of the Society for American Music in a double-blind peer review process.

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